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Joseph-Théodore Deck (1891)
A home in Guebwiller decorated with Deck's portrait

Joseph-Théodore Deck (2 January 1823 – 15 May 1891) was a 19th-century French potter. Born in Guebwiller, Haut-Rhin, he began learning the trade in his early 20s, moving to Paris at age 24. In 1856 he established his own faience workshop, Joseph-Théodore Deck Ceramique Française, and began to experiment Islamic style of ceramic making, and in particular the Iznik style. In the 1880s he also worked in the Chinese tradition, also collaborating with Raphaël Collin, and other artists of the time. He died in Paris.

In 1887 he published a treatise under the title La Faïence, which is available in facsimile online.




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