Thüringen Rundfahrt der U23

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Thüringen Rundfahrt der U23
Race details
DateMid May
RegionThuringia, Germany
English nameTour of Thuringia
Local name(s)Thüringen Rundfahrt
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeStage race
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First edition1976 (1976)
Final edition2013 (2013)
First winner Joachim Vogel (GER)
Most wins Uwe Ampler (GER) (3 wins)
Final winner Dylan van Baarle (NED)

Thüringen Rundfahrt der U23 was a bicycle road race held annually in the German state of Thuringia. It was a stage race reserved to athletes under the age of 23. Since 2005, it was organized as a 2.2U event on the UCI Europe Tour. After the 2013 edition, it was discontinued.[1]


Year Country Rider Team
1976  West Germany Joachim Vogel
1977  West Germany Andreas Neuer
1978  East Germany Norbert Dürpisch
1979  East Germany Hans-Joachim Hartnick
1980  East Germany Andreas Petermann
1981  East Germany Andreas Petermann
1982  West Germany Uwe Raab
1983  East Germany Mario Hernig
1984  East Germany Matthias Lendt
1985  West Germany Uwe Ampler
1986  West Germany Uwe Ampler
1987  West Germany Uwe Ampler
1988  West Germany Olaf Ludwig
1989  West Germany Steffen Rein
1990  Germany Bert Dietz
1991 No race
1992  Germany Bert Dietz
1993  Germany Ralf Schmidt
1994  Germany Steffen Uslar
1995  Germany Steffen Blochwitz
1996  Germany Michael Schlickum
1997  Germany Timo Scholz
1998  Germany Lars Teutenberg
1999  Germany Stephan Schreck
2000  Germany Patrik Sinkewitz
2001  Austria Christian Pfannberger Austria (national team)
2002  Netherlands Pieter Weening Rabobank GS3
2003  Netherlands Joost Posthuma Rabobank GS3
2004  Netherlands Thomas Dekker Rabobank GS3
2005  Netherlands Kai Reus Rabobank Continental Team
2006  Germany Tony Martin Thüringer Energie Team
2007   Switzerland Mathias Frank Switzerland (national team)
2008  Germany Patrick Gretsch Thüringer Energie Team
2009  Austria Stefan Denifl Austria (national team)
2010  Germany John Degenkolb Thüringer Energie Team
2011  Netherlands Wilco Kelderman Rabobank Continental Team
2012  Australia Rohan Dennis Team Jayco-AIS
2013  Netherlands Dylan van Baarle Rabobank Development Team

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