Thủy Nguyên District

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Thủy Nguyên is a rural district (huyện) of Hai Phong, the third largest city of Vietnam. It is told as one of the fastest developing districts in Hai Phong and in the north Vietnam as well. It is now one of the best choice to investigate in Hai Phong and in North Vietnam. Located in the northern of Hai Phong city - the third populous city of Vietnam, Thuy Nguyen has a lot of advantage situation such as

  • Near Hai Phong port - one of the two biggest ports in Vietnam.
  • Good transportation infrastructure and has a lot of infrastructure investment nowadays.
  • Near Quảng Ninh Province and HaLong bay.
  • Near Tien Lang international airport - one of the biggest airports in North Vietnam is being built in Tien Lang dist, Hai Phong (Will be build in 2020).
  • Has a lot of industrial zones such as Cau Kien, VSIP, Minh Dưc.

Thủy Nguyên is also a good place for tourists to visit and rest. There is also a big resort here names Song Gia resort with 5stars hotel in it.

The Bạch Đằng River flows through Thuy Nguyen.

The Bính Bridge crosses the Cấm River and connects the district with the city of Hai Phong.

Coordinates: 20°55′59″N 106°40′01″E / 20.933°N 106.667°E / 20.933; 106.667