Thaheem (Sargodha)

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 Dhudhi In Sargodha

The People of Dhudhi cast also live in Sargodha& Sargodha Dist.

The Thaheem of Sargodha are a nomadic Saraiki-speaking tribe[1] who came from Multan along the Indus river after Muhammad bin Qasim.[when?] They dispersed to various Saraiki-speaking areas of Sargodha. In Sargodha, the Thaheem are businessmen, traders, and civil servants. Most of Thaheems are attached to their ancestors' culture. They have simple traditions for marriages and deaths. Marriages with parallel cousins are preferred. They are mostly settled in Sillanwali, Chinyot, Malakwal, Shahpur areas.


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