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Thai President Foods PCL
Traded as SETTF
Founded April 18, 1972 (1972-04-18)
Headquarters Bangkok
Key people
Mr Pipat Paniangvait, CEO[1]
MAMA Tom Yum Shrimp Flavor Instant Noodles
MAMA packages on display for sale.

Thai President Foods PCL (TF) (Thai: บริษัท ไทย เพรซิเดนท์ ฟูดส์ จำกัด) is a Bangkok-based Thai company established 18 April 1972. It makes the internationally marketed instant noodle brand "MAMA" (Thai: มาม่า).


Thai President Foods is the largest instant noodle manufacturer in Thailand, with a 53 percent share of the market.[2]

Since 1978, the company's shares have been traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).[3]

As of 2008, 3,824 people were employed by Thai President Foods[4] The company has factories in Lamphun, Si Racha, and Rayong.[5]

In addition to its Thailand factories, Thai President has factories in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Hungary. The Hungarian factory's two production lines have a capacity of 4.5 million noodle packs per shift per month. It produces "Thai Chef" and "Asia Gold" brand noodles for the European market.[6]:33

In its 2014 Annual Report TPF declared that two company 10-year targets were to grow total income to 20,000 million baht and to move to a ratio of 50:50 (domestic sales:export sales) from its present 80:20.[6]:31


Total Thai sales of instant noodles of all brands in 2015 was estimated at 15.8 billion baht compared to 2014's 15.4 billion baht.[2]

In 2014, when the political crisis slowed Thailand's economic growth to 0.9 per cent and eventually led to a military coup, the growth of MAMA noodle sales hit a low of 1 percent. In 2015, when the military government could not propel the country beyond an estimated 2.8 percent growth, sales of MAMA noodles only grew 0.4 percent—a 44 year record low.[7] In spite of lacklustre growth in 2014, profits were 1.7 billion baht.[8] Revenue in 2014 was 12 billion baht.[6]:3 The sales contraction in 2015 reflects the economic slowdown which has affected lower-income earners, the main consumers of instant noodles. Mr Wathit Chokewattana, vice president of the company, said that the growth rate of instant noodles has averaged 5-6 percent per year historically. MAMA remains the market leader with a 50.25 percent share of the market[6]:29, followed by Wai Wai and Yum Yum.


The food company's main products are flavoured instant noodles mainly sold under the MAMA brand[7] and other brands such as "Mamy", "Pama", "Papa", "Sai Keo" and "Honghow" which are distributed worldwide. In 2014, the company had an estimated daily capacity of six million packages.[6]:35

Thai President's product range[6]:36 is:

  • Food
  • Soft drinks
    • Fruit juice
    • herbal juices
    • Dairy products
  • Other


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