Thai Raksa Chart Party

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Thai Raksa Chart Party

LeaderFirst Lieutenant Preechapol Phongpanich
Secretary-GeneralMitti Tiyapairat
Founded27 July 2009; 9 years ago (2009-07-27)
Split fromPheu Thai Party
Headquarters99/385 Cheangwattana Rd. Thungsonghong, Lak Si, Bangkok, Thailand
Economic Liberalism
International affiliationNone
Colours             Red, white, dark blue
Sloganโลกก้าวไกล ไทยต้องก้าวทัน
Keeping Thailand step up with global process[1]

Thai Raksa Chart Party (Thai: พรรคไทยรักษาชาติ, RTGSPhak Thai Raksa Chat, pronounced [pʰák tʰāj rák.sǎː t͡ɕʰâːt]), officially known in English as Thai Save the Nation Party,[2] is a Thai political party. Established in 2009 as minor party under the name Rath Thai Party,[3] the party underwent a series of name changes throughout its existence, renaming itself to Thai Ruamphalang Party in 2010 before adopting its current name per the decision of the party's assembly at its convention in 2018. It has been observed[by whom?] that the party serves as a "backup party" for Pheu Thai Party, as several former Pheu Thai MPs and ministers have confirmed to join the party for the 2019 Thai general election.

The party's inaugural convention was held on 7 November 2018 at the Rama Gardens Hotel in Bangkok. The party debuted its new name and logo design similar to the Pheu Thai Party's logo, but with the "ท" letter featuring a circle in lieu of a triangle at the upper left. First Lieutenant Preechapol Phongpanich and Mr. Mitti Tiyapairat were elected to become the party's leader and secretary-general respectively.[4]

On 8 February 2019, the party announced the nomination of Princess Ubolratana as its sole candidate for prime minister in the upcoming election. This unprecedented move was widely regarded as a "surprise" and a "political earthquake" as it marks the first time that a member of the Thai royal family would become involved in electoral politics.[5][6]

However, the King of Thailand issued a statement on the same day, prohibiting Princess Ubolratana from entering politics, citing that despite her royal titles relinquishment, she still has maintained close ties with the Royal Family and worked under the name of the monarchy, and it is against tradition, norms and culture to bring members of the Royal Family into politics.[7][8][9]

Executive Committee[edit]

Name Position
FL Preechapol Phongpanich Party leader
Ruepob Shinawatra Deputy leader
Sunee Luengwichit Deputy leader
Prutthichai Wiriyaroj Deputy leader
Pongsak Phusitsakul Deputy leader
Mitti Tiyapairat Secretary-General
Ton Na Ranong Deputy Secretary-General
Vim Rungwattanachinda Deputy Secretary-General
Khanapoj Jomrit Deputy Secretary-General
Pongkasem Satayaprasert Spokesperson
Chayika Wongnabhachan Registrar
Wassamol Pengdith Treasurer
Rungreung Pittayasiri Executive Committee
Junlapong Nonsrichai Executive Committee


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