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Khao khluk kapi[edit]

Khao khluk kapi is a type of Thai fried rice that cooked with shrimp paste. It usually eaten with sweet pork or chicken. This dish serves with many ingredients that makes this plate has a unique taste. The origin of this dish is fried rice with catfish. In Thai the word khluk[1] means to mix together.

Khao khluk kapi is one of original Thai dishes and it is traditional Thai fried rice. However, it is different from other fried rice recipes because the rice is cooked with shrimp paste, which makes the taste of the rice slightly salty. This fried rice is not only has salty taste, but it is also sweet, sour, spicy, also it smells pungent.[2] This dish is surrounded by shredded sour green mango, sliced chilies, cucumbers, shredded omelet, fried dried shrimps and sliced shallots.[3] The side dish to eat with this dish is sweet pork or chicken. Each ingredient that is put into the dish has a unique taste and each contrasts with the flavour of shrimp paste.[4] This dish is suitable to eat for lunch.

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