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Thailand Route 351
ทางหลวงแผ่นดินหมายเลข 351
Route information
Length 9.178 km[1] (5.703 mi)
History Completed in 2003
Major junctions
West end Phahonyothin Road (Route 1), Bangkok
  Route 3199
East end Nawamin Road (Route 2022), Bangkok
Highway system

Highways in Thailand


Prasoet Manukit Road (Thai: ถนนประเสริฐมนูกิจ) or Thailand Route 351, commonly known as Kaset-Nawamin Road (Thai: ถนนเกษตร-นวมินทร์), is a highway in Bangkok, Thailand. It begins at Kasetsart Intersection on Phahonyothin Road, Chatuchak district, as a continuation after the end of Ngamwongwan Road, and runs east until its end at a three-way intersection with Nawamin Road, in Bueng Kum district. Its total length is 9.178 km.

Construction on the road was completed in 2003. The Bangkok Road Naming Commission formally changed its name to Prasoet Manukit Road in 2006. However, in popular practice and on many maps, Kaset-Nawamin Road is still common.

The name Prasoet Manukit Road was originally assigned by the Streetin 2003 to the section of Pradit Manutham Road between Rama IX Road and Lat Phrao Road. This change was met with complaints from the public, and in 2004 the road's name was changed back. Then, in 2009, the name was assigned to Route 351 instead.

Thai Highway-351.svg Prasoet Manukit Road

HWicon leer.svg HWicon leer.svg HWicon leer.svg Intersections
BSicon WASSERq.svg HWicon 2mOVRV.svg BSicon WASSERq.svg Khlong Bang Bua
HWicon leer.svg HWicon 2mCor.svg HWicon leer.svg Lat Plao Khao Road
HWicon leer.svg HWicon 2mCor.svg HWicon leer.svg Sena Niwet
HWicon leer.svg HWicon 2mCor.svg HWicon leer.svg Sukhontha Sawat Road
HWicon leer.svg HWicon 2mJRTor.svg HWicon leer.svg Nuan Chan Road
HWicon leer.svg HWicon 2mEND2m.svg HWicon leer.svg Nawamin Road (Route 3202)


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