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Temporal range: Early Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Sinemurian–Aptian
Platysuchus,(Teleosauridae, Teleosauroidea)
Cricosaurus (Metriorhynchidae, Metriorhynchoidea)
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Clade: Archosauria
Clade: Pseudosuchia
Clade: Crocodylomorpha
Clade: Crocodyliformes
Suborder: Thalattosuchia
Fraas, 1901[1]

Thalattosuchia is a clade of mostly marine crocodylomorphs from the Early Jurassic to the Early Cretaceous that had a cosmopolitan distribution.[3] They are colloquially referred to as marine crocodiles or sea crocodiles, though they are not members of Crocodilia and records from Thailand and China suggest that some members lived in freshwater.[4] The clade contains two major subgroupings, the Teleosauroidea and Metriorhynchoidea. Teleosauroids are not greatly specialised for oceanic life, with back osteoderms similar to other crocodyliformes. Within Metriorhynchoidea, the Metriorhynchidae displayed extreme adaptions for life in the open ocean, including the transformation of limbs into flippers, the development of a tail fluke, and smooth, scaleless skin,[5] and probably gave live birth, seemingly uniquely among archosaurs.[6]



The term Thalattosuchia was coined by Fraas in 1901.[1] Various authors considered Thalattosuchia an infraorder or a suborder within "Mesosuchia". However, the term "Mesosuchia" is a paraphyletic group, and as such is no longer used. For consistency, the Thalattosuchia are here placed at suborder rank, although the order that contains it is unnamed. The exact phylogenetic position of Thalattosuchia is uncertain, with them either being interpreted as members of Neosuchia alongside other aquatic crocodylomorphs, or more basal members of Crocodylomorpha, with the similarities to neosuchians being as a result of convergent evolution.[7] The group consists of two major subgroupings, Teleosauroidea (containing the families Machimosauridae and Teleosauridae), and Metriorhynchoidea (containing Metriorhynchidae and some more basal taxa).[8][9]

Evolutionary history


Indeterminate remains possibly belonging to thalattosuchians have been reported from the Early Jurassic (Sinemurian) of Chile and France. However, they cannot be assigned to the group with confidence as they lack diagnostic characters.[9] In 2023 a basal teleosauroid was reported from the earliest Jurassic (Hettangian-Sinemurian) of Morocco, representing one of the oldest known thalattosuchians.[10] Turnersuchus from the Pliensbachian of England appears to be basal to both Teleosauroidea and Metriorhynchoidea.[9] While abundant during the Jurassic, their fossil record during the Early Cretaceous is scarce, and generally confined to low latitudes. The latest records of the group date to the Aptian.[11][12] Some members of Teleosauridae have been discovered in non-marine deposits.[4]

Timeline of Thalattosuchia Species

CretaceousJurassicTriassicLate CretaceousEarly CretaceousLate JurassicMiddle JurassicEarly JurassicLate TriassicMiddle TriassicEarly TriassicMachimosaurus rexGeosaurus lapparentiCricosaurus schroederiNeustosaurus gigondarumEnaliosuchus macrospondylusCricosaurus puelchorumDakosaurus andiniensisCricosaurus lithographicusCricosaurus elegansCricosaurus bambergensisPurranisaurus potensIndosinosuchus potamosiamensisIndosinosuchus kalasinensisCricosaurus vignaudiCricosaurus araucanensisAeolodon priscusCricosaurus rauhutiGeosaurus grandisGeosaurus giganteusRhacheosaurus gracilisCricosaurus suevicusDakosaurus maximusMachimosaurus mosaeCricosaurus albersdoerferiPlesiosuchus manseliiMetriorhynchus brevirostrisMaledictosuchus nuyivijananMachimosaurus hugiiGracilineustes acutusBathysuchus megarhinusMachimosaurus buffetautiSericodon jugleriTorvoneustes carpenteriMachimosaurus nowackianusAggiosaurus nicaeensisSteneosaurus rostromajorMaledictosuchus riclaensisCharitomenosuchus leedsiProexochokefalos hebertiNeosteneosaurus edwardsiTyrannoneustes lythrodectikosIeldraan melkshanensisLemmysuchus obtusidensThalattosuchus superciliosusGracilineustes leedsiSuchodus durobrivensisNeptunidraco ammoniticusMycterosuchus nasutusYvridiosuchus boutilieriSeldsienean megistorhynchusProexochokefalos cf. bouchardiDeslongchampsina lartetiAndrianavoay baroniClovesuurdameredeor stephaniEoneustes gaudryiEoneustes bathonicusTeleidosaurus calvadosiiTeleosaurus cadomensisOpisuchus meieriZoneait nargorumMagyarosuchus fitosiPlatysuchus multiscrobiculatusPelagosaurus typusMystriosaurus laurillardiMacrospondylus bollensisPlagiophthalmosuchus gracilirostrisTurnersuchus hingleyaeCretaceousJurassicTriassicLate CretaceousEarly CretaceousLate JurassicMiddle JurassicEarly JurassicLate TriassicMiddle TriassicEarly Triassic

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Further reading

  • Fraas, E. (1902). "Die Meer-Krocodilier (Thalattosuchia) des oberen Jura unter specieller Berücksichtigung von Dacosaurus und Geosaurus". Paleontographica 49: 1-72.