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ThalesNano Inc.
Industry Chemistry
Headquarters Budapest, Hungary
Key people
Dr. Ferenc Darvas,
Richard Jones,

ThalesNano, Inc. is a solution provider for chemists, with products mainly in the field of flow chemistry. Its headquarters is in Budapest, Hungary with representation in Europe, North America and Asia. ThalesNano was spun out of ComGenex, Inc in 2002 to commercialise ComGenex’s innovations in the areas of microfluidics, mesofluidics and nanotechnology.

ThalesNano's initial offering, the H-Cube continuous-flow hydrogenation reactor won an R&D 100 Award in 2005,[1] and has since been adopted by 20 out of the 20 top pharmaceutical companies.[2]

Since then a series of modular components have been developed by the company that expand the possibilities provided by the H-Cube, as well as developing a newer version of the initial product (called the H-Cube Pro).

The use of ThalesNano's equipment for flow chemistry is supported by a number of scientific publications.[3][4][5][6]


  • H-Cube, A bench top flow hydrogenation reactor.
  • H-Cube Midi, A Process scale flow hydrogenation reactor.
  • H-Cube Pro, The next generation version of the H-Cube flow hydrogenation reactor.
  • Gas Module, A modular component for the H-Cube and H-Cube Pro flow hydrogenation reactors, which allows the utilization of 13 gases besides hydrogen.
  • Phoenix Flow Reactor A modular component for the H-Cube and H-Cube Pro flow hydrogenation reactors, which allows the utilization of very high (450 °C / 842 °F) temperatures.


Aside its product portfolio, ThalesNano also offers chemistry related services. These are as follows:

  • Catalyst Screening and Profiling: High throughput catalyst screening in flow-through mode with fixed bed reactors.
  • Hydrogenation Services: Performing heterogeneous hydrogenation on a wide range of chemical groups.
  • Flow Based Chemistry Services: Custom synthesis, process development, scale-up services.

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