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Thambatty is a village which is 10 km from Ooty in Tamil Nadu, India. It is surrounded by mountains and tea estates. Tea gardens with good crops, strawberry fields and vegetable cultivated lands are present in this village. This is a very scenic place & lots of movie shootings take place.

The heart of the village is surrounded by temples. Every year people use to celebrate Mari habba, which is a wonderful springtime fest in Thambatty. Loving hearts of Thambatty, who were scattered to different parts of India & world for education & work purpose, join together to celebrate this festival, with lots of joy & happiness. After worship & blessings from God, this habba continues with badaga songs, masti badaga dance, badaga play, tasty food & drinks, which internally brings lots of get together. Home made foodie stuffs like "Thupadittu" (made of maida & ghee),"Rava laddoo", mixture, vada, paiyasam etc.., are special for this festival.

A library is constructed for the people to improve their knowledge. A small clinic is built for the people & a nurse is available during daytime to serve the people for emergency purposes. Doctors who belong to this village, sometimes do a free check-up & help the people.

Thambatty is a place where the elders & youngsters are always united. The youngsters of Thambatty are called as the "Tigers".They not only dedicate lot of their time for the village development activities, they support the village for the betterment.

The following are some of the facebook groups through which Thambattians get connected with each other.