Thanasis Triaridis

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Thanasis Triaridis
Born (1970-12-21)December 21, 1970
Thessaloniki, Greece
Nationality Greek
Genre Short story, Novel, Drama, Poetry, Fiction, Theatrical play, Political essay.
Literary movement Romanticism, Aestheticism, Magic realism.

Thanasis Triaridis (Thessaloniki December 21, 1970 -) is a Greek author dealing with various literary genres such as short story, novel, drama, poetry and fiction. At the same time, he writes aesthetic essays on Western civilization and political articles. Since 2009 participates in publishing digma. His narratives have been translated into English, French and Italian, while all texts are available from his website [1].

His first novel, Deathwind Breathing on Cupela, 2000, was welcomed by the critics as one of the most important Greek works that combine aestheticism with magic realism. His novel Lemonmellons was considered blasphemous and pornographic; for this reason it was first published on the web in 2005 and two years later, in 2007, as a book.

Since August 2009 he is a conscientious objector, as he denied reserved recruitment. Through his political texts he is placed over one fiery liberalism versus political violence, racism and totalitarianism. In the period 1996-2001 he was a DROM activist for the social rights of Gypsies. He is a lawyer, documentary screen writer, etc.

Contemporary theatrical performances of his plays:

Historia de un amor or Ants, January 2013 - May 2013, co-starring and co-directing: Pemi Zouni and Costas Philippoglou.

La Ultima Noche or Sharks, February 2013 - May 2013, director Dimitris Giamloglou, starring Alikaki Myrto and Leonidas Koukouris


Historia de un amor or Ants

Ants is a theatrical drama for two persons in two acts. The play focuses on two main themes: love over fear, desire and death and agony of man in front of the necessity of strife through faith. In Ants the cruel and paranoid pursuit of love is framed by a morbid -almost claustrophobic- atmosphere, which outlines the extreme side of human existence. Finally, the native deviation of the absurd, which lies beyond the authorial world of Lyberaki, Ziogas and Matesis is considered one of the key advantages of the play.

La Ultima Noche or Sharks

Sharks is a theatrical drama for two persons in two acts. The play presents a couple trying to communicate in the living room of its house. In fact, the drama deals with the dual anxiety about the mysterious human existence and the limits of the linguistic expression. The structure of the play is based on a conscious role playing game, in which the heroes are aggressors and victims on the altar of love, dependence and mortal (co)existence.





Terms of inversion of gospel narrative in Thanasis Triaridis’ novel Deathwind Breathing on Cupela by Galatea Vasileadou.

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