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Thanatos is a dark wave band whose recordings are distributed by Projekt Records. The band's origins trace to the mid 1980s and was a studio project of Patrick Ogle (aka Padraic Ogl) and Sam Rosenthal (black tape for a blue girl).

They released their first album, This Endless Night Inside in 1993, a second, An Embassy to Gaius (1997) and a final recording Blisters (1997). Another record by the band, under the name Illegalteenagebikini appeared (and disappeared) in 2002. The band's recordings featured work by Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape for a Blue Girl and William Tucker of Ministry. Thanatos released a digital only LP, "The Exterminating Angel" in 2013 (after working on it for nearly 10 years) and is set to release a crowdfunded LP, "The Coyote in the Graveyard" in 2015.

Rosenthal ran the fanzine Alternative Rhythms in South Florida and Ogle wrote for the magazine as a concert and record reviewer. The two had been friends since middle school. After releasing a cassette (most of which can be heard as hidden tracks on the band's first LP) the band went into hibernation. During this time piece of Ogle can be heard on various black tape for a blue girl LPs. The title track of the LP "this lush garden within" began life as a Thanatos song. The group became a live act in 1995 after the release of their second LP with the addition of Tucker and Polcyn.


  • Eric Polycn (Current Member)
  • Greg Lucas (Current Member)
  • Patrick Ogle (Current Member)
  • Sam Rosenthal (Former Member)
  • Tim Larson (Current Member)
  • Vince Grech (Current Member)
  • William Tucker (Former Member)


  • This Endless Night Inside (Projekt, 1993)
  • An Embassy to Gaius (Projekt, 1995)
  • 665 – the Neighbor of the Beast (Projekt, 1996)
  • Blisters (Projekt, 1997)
  • I Am Not Job (illegalteenagebikini), Precipice, 2002)

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