Thangamalai Ragasiyam

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Thangamalai Ragasiyam
Thangamalai Ragasiyam.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byB. R. Panthulu
Produced byB. R. Panthulu
Written byP. Neelakantan
Screenplay byChithra Krishnaswami
Story byChinna Annamalai
StarringSivaji Ganesan
T. R. Rajakumari
M. V. Rajamma
P. S. Veerappa
M. N. Nambiar
T. R. Ramachandran
B. Sarojadevi
Music byT. G. Lingappa
CinematographyG. K. Ramu (Black and White)
W. R. Subbarao (Gevacolor)
Edited byR. Devarajan
Padmini Pictures
Distributed byPadmini Pictures
Release date
29 June 1957
Running time
5702.67 meters

Thangamalai Ragasiyam (transl. Secret of the Golden mountain) is a Tamil language adventure film starring Sivaji Ganesan, T. R. Rajakumari and Jamuna in the lead roles. The film was released in 1957. B. R. Panthulu, famous Kannada actor debuted as director in this film and simultaneously made in Kannada language and released as Rathnagiri Rahasya.[1] The song "Ihalogame" was shot in colour, but is not available in colour to the public domain. The censor certificate says that this film is Partly Coloured.


Sivaji Ganesan plays the role of a prince who is separated from his parents by his father's foe at a very young age. He grew up as a ferocious and vicious caveman. Then he meets Jamuna, who by her word of love and affection turns Sivaji for good. Both set out to find the secret of Thangamalai to find and save Sivaji's parents.



  • Producer: B. R. Panthulu
  • Production Company: Padmini Pictures
  • Director: B. R. Panthulu
  • Music: T. G. Lingappa
  • Lyrics: Ku. Ma. Balasubramaniam & Ku. Sa. Krishnamoorthy
  • Story: Chinna Annamalai & Lakshmanan
  • Screenplay: Chithra Lakshamanaswamy
  • Dialogues: P. Neelakantan
  • Art Direction: V. M. Varthurkar
  • Editing: R. Devarajan
  • Choreography: B. Sohanlal & V. P. Balaram
  • Cinematography: G. K. Ramu & W. R. Subba Rao (for Gevacolor sequence)
  • Stunt: V. P. Balaram
  • Dance:


The music was composed by T. G. Lingappa. Lyrics by Ku. Ma. Balasubramaniam & Ku. Sa. Krishnamoorthy. Playback singers are T. M. Soundararajan, V. N. Sundharam, S. C. Krishnan, P. Leela, Jikki, P. Suseela, Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi, A. P. Komala, A. G. Rathnamala & K. Rani.

No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss) Notes
1 "Arul Purivaayo Jagannaadhaa" Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi Ku. Ma. Balasubramaniam 02:30
2 "Aanandham Pudhu Aanandham" Jikki, K. Rani
& Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi
3 "Iga Logame Inidhaagume" T. M. Soundararajan & P. Leela 04:38 Video clip shot in Gevacolor
4 "Amudhai Pozhiyum Nilave" P. Suseela 03:14 One of P. Susheela's earliest song that made her popular.
5 "Ariyaadha Pillai Pole Aaatthira Padalaamaa" V. N. Sundharam & Jikki 02:31
6 "Yauvvaname En Yauvvaname" A. P. Komala & K. Rani 02:90 Saroja Devi comes for the dance sequence of this song
7 "Kalyanam nam Kalyanam" T. M. Soundararajan & P. Leela 03:41
8 "Amudhai Pozhiyum Nilave" (pathos) P. Suseela 02:17
9 "Kaattu Raajaa Aiyaa Kaattu Raajaa" A. G. Rathnamala & K. Rani 02:24
10 "Ennai Paaraai En Kannai Paaraai" Jikki 01:53
11 "Varavenum Varavenum" A. P. Komala, A. G. Rathnamala & K. Rani 02:12
12 "Veeradhi Veeran Sooraadhi Sooran" S. C. Krishnan & K. Rani 02:06
13 "Iru Kaadhum Poddhaadhaiyaa" Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi 03:22 Released as vinyl record but was not included in the film
14 "Vaa Vaa Vaa Odi Vaa" P. Leela & K. Rani Ku. Sa. Krishnamoorthy 03:12


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