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Thanh Nien News (Vietnamese: Báo Thanh Niên "Youth Newspaper") is a Ho Chi Minh city-based newspaper in Vietnam. It is one of the most circulated newspapers in Vietnam. Thanh Nien News is released daily in Vietnamese and weekly in English. Thanh Nien News is an official organ of the Vietnam United Youth League (Hội Liên hiệp Thanh niên Việt Nam) and mainly focuses on social affairs.

The English edition Thanh Nien Weekly was renamed Vietweek from January 6, 2012 [1]


  1. ^ Thanh Nien Weekly to become Vietweek 3 Jan 2012 "Change is afoot at Thanh Nien Weekly, the English language publication of Thanh Nien, the leading newspaper in Vietnam by circulation. We are changing our name to Vietweek from January 6, 2012."

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