Thanh Trì Bridge

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Thanh Trì Bridge
Coordinates 21°06′N 105°47′E / 21.1°N 105.79°E / 21.1; 105.79Coordinates: 21°06′N 105°47′E / 21.1°N 105.79°E / 21.1; 105.79
Thanh Trì Bridge seen from feeder road below

The Thanh Trì Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Thanh Trì) (completed 2008) is a bridge across the Red River in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was one of the Millennial Anniversary of Hanoi commemorative projects along with the Vĩnh Tuy Bridge. At 3,084m it is one of the longest bridges in Asia. It is part of the Hanoi Third Ring Road,[1] and is the largest prestressed concrete bridge in Vietnam.[2]


  1. ^ Vietnam law & legal forum - Volume 7, Ns 73 - 84 - Page xi 2000 "The Thanh Tri bridge is part of the project to put together a third ring round the south of Hanoi, which will facilitate traffic flow between downtown Hanoi and its suburban areas and help inter-provincial traffic avoid having to pass through ..."
  2. ^ Vietnam pictorial - No 595 - Page 9 Thông tấn xã Việt Nam, Vietnam. Bộ văn hóa và thông tin - 2008 "Previously, Thanh Tri Bridge, the largest prestressed concrete bridge in Vietnam had started operation. ... The use of Thanh Tri Bridge is important to the socio-economic development in Hanoi, the northern area and the whole country as well."

Coordinates: 20°59′39″N 105°54′06″E / 20.9941375°N 105.90168°E / 20.9941375; 105.90168