Thanjavur Maratha Palace

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Thanjavur Maratha Palace
Thanjavur Maratha Palace Darbar Hall.jpg
Interior of Durbar Hall, Thanjavur Maratha palace.
LocationTanjore region, India
Thanjavur Maratha palace, 2008

The Thanjavur Maratha Palace Complex, known locally as Aranmanai, today is the official residence of the Bhonsle family that occupied Tanjore from 1674 to 1855.[1]


The Thanjavur Maratha palace was originally constructed by the rulers of Thanjavur Nayak kingdom. After the fall of the Thanjavur Nayak kingdom, it served as the official residence of the Thanjavur Maratha. When most of the Thanjavur Maratha kingdom was annexed by the British Empire in 1799, the Thanjavur Marathas continued to hold sway over the palace and the surrounding fort. The Bhonsle family continued to hold on to the palace even after the last king Shivaji II.


The palace complex consists of the Sadar Mahal Palace, the queen's courtyard and the Durbar Hall. The Royal Palace Museum contains a splendid collection of Chola bronzes. The Raja Serfoji Memorial Hall and the Royal Palace Museum are situated in the Sadar Mahal Palace. There is also a small bell tower. The Saraswathi Mahal Library is situated with the Thanjavur palace complex.


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