Thank You for the Music (box set)

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Thank You for the Music
ABBA - Thank You for the Music box set cover.png
The original version's artwork. Cover for the 2008 re-issue was downsized.
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Released31 October 1994
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Thank You for the Music
The Definitive Collection
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AllMusic4.5/5 stars [1]

Thank You for the Music is the title of a box set by the Swedish pop group ABBA, released in 1994. It has 66 tracks (separated onto four discs), including songs from the early ABBA days, such as "People Need Love" and "He Is Your Brother", as well as their most popular and recognisable songs ("Dancing Queen" and "Mamma Mia" etc.). Many (but not all) non-album B-sides appear on the box set, many appearing on CD for the first time.

The fourth CD includes a host of rarities, most notable being the "ABBA Undeleted" excerpt, which is a 23-minute medley of various songs that never saw the light of day either as a single or as an album track. It also contains some of the group's songs in different languages, as well as an alternate version of "Thank You for the Music", the song "Dream World" (dating back to the Voulez-Vous sessions) and the Super Trouper outtake, "Put On Your White Sombrero".

In 2008 the Thank You for the Music box set was reissued in downsized packaging with a revised booklet, with the full versions of Eagle, Lovelight, and Voulez-Vous, due to the wrong mixes being issued on the original release.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus, except where noted.

Disc 1[edit]

Track release information taken from ABBA: The Complete Studio Recordings timeline booklet

1."People Need Love" (A-Side, Polar POS 1156) 2:46
2."Another Town, Another Train" (Ring Ring) 3:13
3."He Is Your Brother" (A-Side, Polar POS 1168) 3:19
4."Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)" (Ring Ring) 2:55
5."Ring Ring" (A-Side, Polar POS 1172)Andersson, Stig Anderson, Ulvaeus, Neil Sedaka, Phil Cody3:02
6."Waterloo" (A-Side, Polar POS 1187)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus2:44
7."Hasta Mañana" (Waterloo)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus3:09
8."Honey, Honey" (Waterloo)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus2:56
9."Dance (While the Music Still Goes On)" (Waterloo) 3:12
10."So Long" (A-Side, Polar POS 1195) 3:05
11."I've Been Waiting for You" (B-Side, Polar POS 1195)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus3:38
12."I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" (ABBA)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus3:17
13."SOS" (ABBA)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus3:21
14."Mamma Mia" (ABBA)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus3:32
15."Fernando" (A-Side, Polar POS 1224)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus4:12
16."Dancing Queen" (A-Side, Polar POS 1225)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus3:50
17."That's Me" (B-Side, Polar POS 1225)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus3:16
18."When I Kissed the Teacher" (Arrival) 3:01
19."Money, Money, Money" (Arrival) 3:08
20."Crazy World" (B-Side, Polar POS 1227) 3:49
21."My Love, My Life" (Arrival)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus3:53
  • Tracks 1 – 5 originally credited to Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid

Disc 2[edit]

1."Knowing Me, Knowing You" (Arrival)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus4:02
2."Happy Hawaii" (B-Side, Polar POS 1230)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus4:24
3."The Name of the Game" (US Promo Edit; A-Side, Atlantic 3449, full version appears on ABBA: The Album)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus3:57
4."I Wonder (Departure) (Live)" (B-Side, Polar POS 1234)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus4:26
5."Eagle" (ABBA: The Album) 5:49
6."Take a Chance on Me" (ABBA: The Album) 4:03
7."Thank You for the Music" (ABBA: The Album) 3:49
8."Summer Night City" (Full-length version; Previously Unreleased) 4:14
9."Chiquitita" (A-Side, Polar POS 1244) 5:26
10."Lovelight" (Alternate mix; More ABBA Gold: More ABBA Hits, original version appears as a B-Side) 3:19
11."Does Your Mother Know" (Voulez-Vous) 3:15
12."Voulez-Vous" (Edited Version; ABBA Gold, full version appears on Voulez-Vous) 4:19
13."Angeleyes" (Voulez-Vous) 4:18
14."Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" (A-Side, Polar POS 1256, early fade-out) 4:48
15."I Have a Dream" (Voulez-Vous) 4:44

Disc 3[edit]

1."The Winner Takes It All" (A-Side, Polar POS 1274)4:54
2."Elaine" (B-side, Polar POS 1274)3:46
3."Super Trouper" (Super Trouper)4:13
4."Lay All Your Love On Me" (Super Trouper)4:33
5."On and On and On" (Super Trouper)3:39
6."Our Last Summer" (Super Trouper)4:18
7."The Way Old Friends Do" (Super Trouper)2:53
8."The Visitors" (The Visitors)5:48
9."One of Us" (The Visitors)3:57
10."Should I Laugh or Cry" (B-side, Polar POS 1291)4:27
11."Head over Heels" (The Visitors)3:46
12."When All Is Said and Done" (The Visitors)3:15
13."Like an Angel Passing Through My Room" (The Visitors)3:36
14."The Day Before You Came" (A-Side, Polar POS 1318)5:49
15."Cassandra" (B-side, Polar POS 1318)4:50
16."Under Attack" (The Singles: The First Ten Years)3:44

Disc 4[edit]

1."Put On Your White Sombrero" (Outtake from Super Trouper; Previously Unreleased) 4:27
2."Dream World" (Outtake from Voulez-Vous; Previously Unreleased) 3:36
3."Thank You for the Music" (Doris Day/early version; Previously Unreleased) 4:03
4."Hej Gamle Man!" (Originally credited to Bjorn and Benny for their Swedish album Lycka, also notable for having backing vocals by Agnetha and Frida; Previously Released) 3:21
5."Merry-Go-Round" (B-Side, Polar POS 1171; Previously Released) 3:20
6."Santa Rosa" (B-Side, Polar POS 1168; Previously Released) 3:01
7."She's My Kind of Girl" (Originally credited to Bjorn and Benny, written for and featured in the movie Inga II: The Seduction Of Inga; Previously Released as an ABBA song on Ring Ring) 2:44
8."Medley: Pick a Bale of CottonOn Top of Old SmokeyMidnight Special" (Stars im Zeichen eines guten Sterns; Previously Released)Traditional, arranged by Andersson, Ulvaeus4:21
9."You Owe Me One" (B-Side, Polar POS 1321; Previously Released) 3:25
10."Slipping Through My Fingers / Me and I" (Live; From the TV special Dick Cavett Meets ABBA, 1981; Previously Unreleased) 8:37
11."ABBA Undeleted: Scaramouche / Summer Night City (early version) / Take a Chance on Me (early instrumental version) / Baby (early version of Rock Me) / Just a Notion / Rikky Rock ’n’ Roller / Burning My Bridges / Fernando (early Swedish solo version by Frida) / Here Comes Rubie Jamie / Hamlet III Part 1 & 2 / Free as a Bumble Bee / Rubber Ball Man / Crying Over You / Just Like That / Givin’ a Little Bit More" (Outtake medley; Previously Unreleased)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus23:30
12."Waterloo" (French/Swedish Version medley; Both Versions Previously Released Separately)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus, Alain Boublil2:40
13."Ring Ring" (Swedish/Spanish/German Version; Swedish and German versions Previously Released Separtely, while the Spanish Version is Previously Unreleased)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus, Doris Band, Peter Lach4:21
14."Honey, Honey" (Swedish Version, B-Side, Polar POS 1186; Previously Released)Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus2:57


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