Thanksgiving (2006 film)

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Thanksgiving (2006 film) (movie poster).jpg
Directed by Scott Ennis
Produced by Scott Ennis
Written by Scott Ennis
Starring Eric Arbour
Holly Fink
Jason Fink
David Goulart
Jeremiah D. Kaplan
Star Peck
Douglas Pratt
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Edited by Scott Ennis
Distributed by Project Twenty1 (Worldwide DVD release)
Release date
2006 (USA)
Country United States
Language English

Thanksgiving is a 2006 slasher short film produced by Screen Screams Pictures. The film was written, produced, cast, directed, shot, edited, marketed and released all in less than twenty-one days.


(2006 Project Twenty1 Film Festival)

  • Nominated Best Special FX
  • Nominated Best Marketing


The film takes place on Thanksgiving, when a young couple - about to settle down to dinner - are suddenly disturbed by the arrival of a seemingly helpless young man. They accept him into their home, hoping to aid him, but the couple quickly realise their guest is a psychotic serial killer, intent on murdering them in the most sadistic way possible.

The couple attempt to flee and call for help, but the killer traps them in their house, playing a twisted game with them in an attempt to murder them before any help can arrive to save them.


On a day when everyone is giving thanks, four friends sat down for Thanksgiving dinner. With a knock at the door, the young couples thought they were helping another person in need, but instead found themselves living a horrific experience by being bound, beaten, tortured and killed. This film is based on actual events!



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