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Thanos Petrelis
Θάνος Πετρέλης
Born (1975-09-27) September 27, 1975 (age 41)
Athens, Greece
Origin Greece
Genres Laiko
Years active 2003-present
Labels Heaven Music (2003-2010)
The Spicy Effect (2010-present)
Associated acts Elli Kokkinou, Despina Vandi, Peggy Zina, Phoivos

Athanasios (Thanos) Petrelis (Greek; Θάνος Πετρέλης) (born September 27, 1975) is a popular Greek singer. He has released four albums and several singles.


Fame Story[edit]

Petrelis was born in Athens, Greece. He finished third in the first Greek reality show Fame Story (2002)

2004–2006: 'Eihe to hroma tou ouranou' and 'Thimizeis kati apo Ellada'[edit]

In 2004, he released an album of his own, entitled Eihe To Hroma T’ Ouranou. The first track, "To Aima Mou", was written by Phoivos and became a hit. The album sold more than 30,000 copies and went gold.[1] At the same year he won "Best New Artist" award in Arion Awards.

Petrelis would then release a new album every year for the next three years. The follow-up to Eihe To Hroma T’ Ouranou was another Phoivos collaboration: Thymizeis Kati Apo Ellada, which went platinum. It was this year that his big hit "Kernao" won two awards in Arion Awards. "Best Laiko Song" and "Best Song of the Year". The following release was a platinum single entitled Eftihos.[1] The four songs on the disc were once again written by Phoivos and the title track, "Eftihos", was widely acclaimed[according to whom?].

Cover of "Ksipna Thanasi"

2007–present: Eimai Akomi Eleftheros and Vitrina Esthimaton[edit]

The album Eimai Akomi Eleftheros included such songs "Lathos", "Doxa Soi O Theos", "Aman Kai Pos", "Adiorthoti" and "An Den Eiha Ki Esena" and went gold.[2] He also gave a world tour to United States, Australia and South Africa in 2007 and gave a total number of 6 sold-out concerts. A few months later, Eimai Akomi Eleftheros was re-released with a DVD.

In June 2008, he traveled to Australia for five sold-out concerts. On June 9, 2008, Petrelis released the single "Ksipna Thanasi" (Wake up Thanasi) exclusively on Sfera FM. It was followed by a two-track CD single with the original version of the song and one remix, but was also available with the "Germanos Remix" when purchased exclusively through the telecommunications store Germanos. The song is composed by Phoebus and the single went platinum.[3] On August 22, 2008, Petrelis started shows at club Thea along with Nikos Ikonomopoulos and Yiorgos Tsalikis until November 1. On November 20, 2008, Petrelis released the song "To Paihnidi Einai Pleon Diko Mou" exclusively to "Sfera FM", along with a music video, filmed in a Casino, which was released soon after. The song was released to all other radio stations on December 1, 2008. By December, Petrelis released another CD single, this one with four different songs, all composed by Phoebus. The title track "To Paihnidi Einai Pleon Diko Mou" (The Game is Now Mine) was joined by "Efharisto", "Na Hamogelas" and a new remix of the previously released "Xypna Thanassi".[4] The song "Adiorthoti" has also been remixed by Master Tempo.

In January 2009, Petrelis traveled to United States and Canada for nine sold-out concerts. His next appearance in Athens was again on April 23 at club "Thea" having support of Ikonomopoulos. He finished his appearances there mid of July and his next appearance was in Thessaloniki at club "Orama" for a few nights only. After a short period of relaxing, he started appearing on December 4, along with Yiorgos Tsalikis at "Starz".

In January 2010, he left Heaven Music and signed with Phoebus's record label, called The Spicy Effect. On January 23, 2010, Petrelis released the radio single "Filotimo" (Pride), which was written by Phoebus. In November 2010 he makes again successful tour in USA and Canda with 9 sold-out concerts. In December 2010 he released the song "Hristougenna" along with the other artist of The Spicy Effect and his new solo single "Thelo kai ta patheno". In March 2011 he comes back to Australia for another tour, after his 2008 sold out tour. This time he performs 8 concerts most of them sold out again.

In 2014 he released his fourth studio album 'Vitrina Esthimaton'.

Personal life[edit]

Thanos Petrelis is married and has three children. Petrelis married his wife Sofia Moschopoulou on July 1, 2007 in a wedding ceremony that also served as a baptism for their then ten-month-old daughter Agapi.[5] Phoebus served as Petrelis's koumbaros in the wedding,[6] while Nino served as the godfather and Maria Levendi as the godmother for Agapi's baptism.[5] On January 5, 2009, Petrelis' wife gave birth to their second daughter (Celia) in Athens, Greece.[7] His third daughter Zenia was born September 14, 2015.


Studio albums[edit]

Year Title Certification
2004 Eihe To Hroma T' Ouranou Gold
2005 Thimizeis Kati Apo Ellada Platinum
2007 Eimai Akomi Eleftheros Gold
2014 Vitrina Esthimaton Gold

Live albums[edit]

Year Title Certification
2009 Thanos Petrelis Live -

CD Singles[edit]

Year Title Notes
2006 Eftihos Platinum
2008 Xipna Thanasi Platinum
2008 To Paihnidi Einai Pleon Diko Mou -
2010 Thelo Kai Ta Pathaino -

Digital Singles[edit]

Year Title Certification
2010 Filotimo
2010 Christougenna 2010 (with Spicy artists)
2011 Poia na sigkrithei mazi sou
2011 Ap'ekso poios?
2012 Horevis
2012 Na tis peis
2013 De tha katso na pethano
2014 Pes mou
2015 San esena
2015 Thelis de thelis
2016 Eho mia kardia
2016 Mazi den kanoume


Year Title Notes
2009 Megales Epitihies -


Year Title Certification
2006 Thimizeis Kati Apo Ellada - Karaoke -


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