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Tharcisse Karugarama is a Rwandan politician. He was the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General in the Rwandan government.

A member of the RPF, Karugarama has played a role in the prosecution of crimes associated with the Rwandan Genocide.[1]

Karugarama was one of the founding members of the RANU (Rwandese Alliance for National Unity ) 1979, it later became known as RPF. He was a teacher at Kitante Hill School before getting actively involved in the RPF politics in 1990 when Rwanda was invaded.

Karugarama was named in 2006 to the Justice portfolio, and named Attorney-General in 2007. He was a defender of the Gacaca court system which was introduced to deal with those accused as a result of the Rwanda Genocide. Karugarama noted that they did not have the resources to organise first-world courts and the only alternative to the Gacaca system might be for local communities to just take revenge.[2]

He was dropped from the government and replaced by Johnston Busingye on May 24, 2013.

Karugarama is currently an active member of the Justice Leadership Initiative.


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