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Thari Mirwah

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Thari ٺري ميرواهه
Thari Mirwah
Thari ٺري ميرواهه is located in Sindh
Thari ٺري ميرواهه
Thari ٺري ميرواهه
Thari ٺري ميرواهه is located in Pakistan
Thari ٺري ميرواهه
Thari ٺري ميرواهه
Coordinates: 27°04′06″N 68°36′08″E / 27.068310°N 68.602252°E / 27.068310; 68.602252Coordinates: 27°04′06″N 68°36′08″E / 27.068310°N 68.602252°E / 27.068310; 68.602252
Country Pakistan
 • Assistant CommissionerSDM/AC Mirwah
 • ASPASP Thari Mirwah
45 m (148 ft)
 • Total23,656[1]
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Calling code0243
Number of union councils10
Number of villages of Thari Mirwah3000

Thari Mirwah (Sindhi: ٺري ميرواهه‎) or Thari (Sindhi: ٺري‎) is the capital city of Mirwah Subdivision (Mirwah taluka) in Khairpur District, Sindh, Pakistan.[2]

Roads and infrastructure[edit]

Road in Thari Mirwah

As in other parts of Sindh, the condition of roads in Thari Mirwah is horrendous. However, the rehabilitation of the Thari-Setharja road is underway, and some construction has already been completed. On the eastern side of Thari is a desert known as Nara desert. A single road runs from Dhedano village to the Sawan gas field(Taluka Nara Distt Khairpur), where it turns into the gas company's blacktop highroad.[3]

The newly constructed Mehran Highway is the only highway to connect Nawabshah District to Khairpur. The highway passes through the jurisdictions of Thari Mirwah, Faiz Ganj, Bandhi, and Daur. Construction lasted seven years.[4] Many accidents have occurred on the completed highway, which is being used by illegal buses and coaches going to Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Fata.[5][6][7][8]

On 24 August 2014, a coach coming from Punjab collided at Kot lalu with a van from Thari city which was traveling from Karachi to Thari Mirwah; 10 passengers were killed and 11 injured. All were natives of Thari Mirwah.[9]

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