Tharle Nan Maga

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Tharle Nan Maga
Directed byUpendra
Produced byM. B. Babu
C. S. Manjunath
P. G. Padma Ramaswamy
Screenplay byUpendra
Story byUpendra
Anjali Sudhakar
Music byV. Manohar
Edited byJanardhan
Panchami Chithra
Release date
Running time
135 minutes

Tharle Nan Maga (English: Naughty fellow) is a 1992 Indian Kannada film written and directed by Upendra in his directorial debut, and stars Jaggesh and Anjali Sudhakar in lead roles, who also made their debuts in lead roles with the film.


The story revolves around a miserly couple Parandamaiah Urbagal (Bank Janardhan) and Subbalakshmi (Satyabhama), who want their son Santosh (Jaggesh) to marry a rich girl, for want of dowry. Santosh, however, marries a girl from a poor financial background, antagonizing them. How son changes his parents outlook forms rest of the story.

Parandamaiah owns a general store, 'Oorubaglu General Stores'. Santosh likes to keep the shop as he loves Sangeetha, the daughter of Shankar Shastry, a musician, whose house is opposite the shop. Santosh spends his time sightseeing (the subject is mostly Sangeetha) and he is hostile towards customers when he is sightseeing (he calls it 'Dove Hodiyodu', one of his popular dialogues). His friends - 'Chitke' Seena, Raja, 'Razor' Manja, Nanja and 'nanjappan maga' Gunjappa. They help Santosh to gain Sangeetha's affection. However, Parandamaiah and Satyabhama decide to marry Santosh to his uncle's daughter Sundari for dowry. However, Santosh disagrees to marry any girl for dowry as he wants his wife to be the love of his life. Santosh succeeds in marrying Sangeetha by hoodwinking his parents. Later, with the help of his friends, he starts to enjoy his married life. But, Parandamaiah and Satyabhama decide to cheat Santosh and create a feud between Santosh and Sangeetha. They make Sangeetha assume that Santosh is having a sexual relationship with Sundari. Meanwhile, they make Santosh assume Sangeetha is having an extramarital affair. Santosh investigates this and he assumes that Sangeetha is having an affair (the assumed boyfriend was paid by Parandamaiah). Due to this, Sangeetha goes back to her maternal home. Soon Santosh finds out about this, and, with the help of his friends, makes his parents realize that good values are more important than money. Later, after he makes his parents realise their mistake, his uncle finds that Sundari is pregnant. He allegedly accuses Santosh of impregnating Sundari. However, this is not the case as he had told his friends to loaf and flirt with Sundari to enlighten his parents. Later, Santosh arranges for the marriage of Sundari. In the climax, Santosh finds that Gunjappa had impregnated Sundari and he is forced to marry Sundari. Thus the movie ends on a happy note.



Upendra, former assistant of Kashinath made his directorial debut with this film.[1] The film also introduced Jaggesh as a Hero and V. Manohar as a composer both went on to become popular.[2][3]


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