Tharpu Chuli

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Tharpu Chuli
Tent Peak
Tharpu Chuli Summit.jpg
View of Tharpu Chuli from the ridge line between Singu Chuli and Tharpu Chuli
Highest point
Elevation5,695 m (18,684 ft) [1]
ListingList of mountains in Nepal
Coordinates28°33′42″N 83°53′25″E / 28.56167°N 83.89028°E / 28.56167; 83.89028Coordinates: 28°33′42″N 83°53′25″E / 28.56167°N 83.89028°E / 28.56167; 83.89028
Tharpu Chuli is located in Nepal
Tharpu Chuli
Tharpu Chuli
Location in Nepal
LocationAnnapurna, Nepal
Parent rangeHimalayas
Easiest routesnow ridge, ice climbing

Tharpu Chuli or Tent Peak is one of the trekking peaks in the Nepali Himalaya range. The peak has a nice central position in the Annapurna Sanctuary. It is easier to climb than both Hiunchuli and Singu Chuli which also are trekking peaks of the Annapurna. The ascent requires ice climbing equipment. A climbing permit from the NMA used to cost US$350 for a team of up to four members. As of 2017 NMA has removed Tharpu Chuli from its list of Trekking Peaks.[1]

Tharpu Chuli Peak from Base Camp


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