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That's My Baby is an American television program that follows various animals and their owners through their pregnancy, birth and follow up. It was shown on the channel Animal Planet, but recently, it has not been seen. Episodes have aired between 2001 and 2003.


The episodes are split into four parts. The first part often introduces the animal who is expecting, and her owners (or in some cases, handlers or even trainers), along with a bit of a backstory about the expectant mother (if she's had other children, if she's been in shows, if she's been in accidents, etc.). The rest of the first half and the entire second half are dedicated to the animal's owners/handlers/trainers getting prepared for the upcoming birth. The third part always features the mother giving birth, and the fourth part deals with what happens afterwards, with the baby animal (babies in some cases) bonding with their mother and the humans that look after them. There have been some episodes where the animal's young is stillborn, or doesn't survive the first few days (examples of this could be with the Thoroughbred mare, Whimsical Treasure, who loses her foal due to it being a breech birth). Other times the mother doesn't take very good care of her child, and it needs to be hand-reared (an example of this would be Betsy the giraffe, whose calf is taken from her when she wasn't able to nurse her properly).

One episode featured Celeste Yarnall and her cat Mimosa.

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Video Releases[edit]

VideoNOW (PVD)
Bottle Nosed Dolphin - Mattie was released on VideoNOW PVD as a 3-disc set in 2001 for the Video NOW Player.

Hippo - Cleo was released to DVD in 2009 as part of the Animal Planet compilation "Hippos & Rhinos."

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