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Leigh Hart
Born 20 July 1970
Greymouth, New Zealand

Leigh Hart (born 20 July 1970) is a New Zealand comedian and performance artist who is also known as "That Guy". He has made various appearances on New Zealand television, including Sports Cafe and his own show, Moon TV.[citation needed]

Hart was born in Greymouth and went to Christ's College in Christchurch. He was the singer/songwriter for the New Zealand rock band Wild Turkey. The band was briefly jailed and then deported from France.[citation needed] He also worked on the Channel Tunnel in the early 1990s.[citation needed]

He appeared on Moon TV, a late night comedy show. Hart also wrote a column for the Herald on Sunday, and worked for the television show Fair Go. He has appeared in television advertisements for Hellers Bacon and ANZ.[citation needed]

Hart's latest series, Leigh Hart's Mysterious Planet, is a mockumentary series in which he travels the world attempting to solve the world's greatest mysteries including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, Lost Inca Gold, the pyramids and Stonehenge.


Television series[edit]

  • Moon TV (2002–present)
  • Sports Cafe (screened 1996-2006 & 2008, starred 2001-2006 & 2008)
  • The Great New Zealand Spelling Bee (2006)
  • Pulp Sport (2007)
  • Shock Treatment
  • Moon TV USA
  • That Guys World Cup (TVNZ on Demand)2007
  • Moon TV MTN Network May (2008) 10 part series, featuring 'The Late Night Big Breakfast, Naan Doctors and old favorites like Speedo Cops and Hamster man.
  • Leigh Hart's Mysterious Planet 2008/2009
  • Rugby Mundo:(2011) A humorous rugby world cup show broadcast from his home during the 2011 world cup in New Zealand.
  • Descent from Disaster: (2013) Leigh looks back at the Strongman Mine disaster in 1967 which shook New Zealand, particularly the West Coast and many of Leigh's friends and family.

Hart has also appeared on TV3's 7 Days and the comedy show Jono and Ben at Ten. Along with Jeremy Wells and Jason Hoyte he made a comedic sports show called Olympico which lampooned the London Olympics. With Jason Hoyte he hosts a satirical sports show called Sports Bhuja. His most recent television project is The Late Night Big Breakfast which screened on TV One, featuring him alongside Jason Hoyte and Jeremy Wells. There were ten episodes produced.

Live appearances[edit]

Hart is a regular speaker and M.C. at public events. In 2011 in Shanghai, he helped raise nearly half a million dollars for the Christchurch earthquake relief fund.


  • He made a cameo appearance in You Move You Die
  • Rugby World Cup show That Guy's World Cup
  • Scott Scott's World of Cheese


  • ANZ Bonus Bonds (screened 2006–present)
  • Hellers Bacon (screened 2006–present)
  • No 8 Rugby Internet Campaign


On 10 May 2009, Hart wrote a humorous piece for the New Zealand Herald entitled "That Guy: Let's hear it for the Maori sasquatch".[1] This piece provoked outrage in the cryptozoological community[2] for the representations of individuals at the conference, as well as its overall tone. A subsequent apology claimed that the article used fictional individuals, but an analysis of this at the cryptozoology site Cryptomundo,[3] claimed that Hart had referred to specific individuals and fictionalized his encounters with those individuals.

Wakachangi beer[edit]

In July 2013, Leigh released his own brand of beer, Wakachangi, brewed by Harringtons Brewery. It was marketed initially to students having big parties around the country notably in Dunedin. Initially sold in 2-litre bottles, it was followed by 330ml bottles "12 beers in a box" in October 2013. Wakachangi was released nationwide at all Liquorlands in October. Hart's comedic taste continues with the beer branding; it is said to be "A South Otago beer with North Canterbury flavours, brewed near Nelson by a West-Coaster using the ol' misty waters of the Waikato", as well as being "quite nice beer est 1648", and winning the Moon Breweries beer awards. These claims are, of course, untrue and are the comedic branding of the beer. The beer was promoted through Facebook and YouTube.


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