Thatbyinnyu Temple

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Thatbyinnyu Temple
Thatbyinnyu Temple is 61 metres (201 ft) tall, the tallest in Bagan
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
Thatbyinnyu Temple is located in Myanmar
Thatbyinnyu Temple
Shown within Myanmar
Geographic coordinates21°10′08″N 94°51′46″E / 21.168802°N 94.862858°E / 21.168802; 94.862858Coordinates: 21°10′08″N 94°51′46″E / 21.168802°N 94.862858°E / 21.168802; 94.862858
FounderKing Alaungsithu
Completedmid-12th century

Thatbyinnyu Temple (Burmese: သဗ္ဗညုဘုရား), Sabbannu or "the Omniscient", is a famous temple located in Bagan (formerly Pagan), built in the mid-12th century during the reign of King Alaungsithu.[1]:166–167 It is adjacent to Ananda Temple. Thatbyinnyu Temple is shaped like a cross, but is not symmetrical. The temple has two primary storeys, with the seated Buddha image located on the second storey.

The earliest known photograph of the temple was taken in 1855, by Linneaus Tripe.


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