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Thatch was a comic strip created by Jeff Shesol. The strip began in Brown University's student newspaper The Brown Daily Herald. It was later picked up for syndication by Creators Syndicate in late 1994.

The title character was an everyman who struggled through life and politics. He had an alter-ego, Politically Correct Person (P.C. Person), who was a stereotype of sensitive liberals who fear offending people. Other characters were Tripp, Thatch's womanizing, obnoxious roommate; Kate, the editor for the college paper; and Sloane, who, as the cartoonist described in the strip's first and only book collection, a "heartless, shallow rich bitch."[1]

In 1998, Shesol was offered a position as speech writer for the President of the United States Bill Clinton.[2] Shesol agreed and ended the strip. The final Thatch appeared on April 11, 1998.


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