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Thatcher most commonly refers to:

  • Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013), British stateswoman and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1979–1990)
  • A professional who installs thatch as a roofing material, i.e. by means of thatching

Thatcher may also refer to:



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Connected with Margaret Thatcher[edit]

  • Thatcherism, the set of political and economic policies championed by her
  • Thatcher baronets, a baronetage of the United Kingdom created for her family
  • Thatcher effect, an optical illusion involving facial recognition
  • Thatcher on Acid, the 1980s punk band
  • Thatchergate, a hoax audio recording by punk band Crass
  • Thatcher, an 8-part DVD series about Margaret Thatcher made in 2008 for The Daily Telegraph


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