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Thathai Bhatias is a Rajput clan settled in India. This clan migrated to India from the Thatta District, Sindh after independence of Pakistan in 1947.[1][2]

Geographically, their origins are from Jaisalmer. The community was originally known as Bhattis. After they dispersed from Jaisalmer post the Mughal invasion to north of Punjab, Kutch, Bahawalpur, Multan, and also to a place called Thatta in Sindh, the Bhattis started getting identified with their respective geographies; for example, the Bhattis in Kutch became the Kutchi Bhatias and the Bhattis in Thatta became Thattai Bhatias.[3] The Thattai Bhatias were considered amongst the top three Indian communities undertaking trading relations with Qatar and Oman.[4]


Thathai Bhatia Cuisine


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