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Thaua people
IBRA 6.1 South East Corner.png
South east corner bioregion
Language family: Pama–Nyungan
Language branch: Yuin–Kuric
Language group: Yuin
(shared word for man)

(aka Thurga)
(shared word for no)
Group dialect: 'Thaua' (Tindale)
Group estate: Baianbal (forest people)
Katungal (seacoast people)
Area (2,100 sq. km)
Bioregion: South east corner
Location: South Coast (NSW)
Coordinates: 36°55′S 149°40′E / 36.917°S 149.667°E / -36.917; 149.667Coordinates: 36°55′S 149°40′E / 36.917°S 149.667°E / -36.917; 149.667

Thaua people, (also spelled Dhawa [1]) or Thauaira or Thawa or Tharawal people of the Yuin (Murring) nation of the South Coast of New South Wales.

The associated language name is Thurga /Thoorga / Durga/ Dhurga.


Norman Tindale in his 1974 catalogue of Australian Aboriginal boundaries describes the Thua country and associated estates as follows:[2]

From north of Merimbula south to Green Cape; west to the scarp of the Dividing Range. Their hordes were divided into two groups, the ['Katungal] 'sea coast people,' and the ['Baianbal] or ['Paienbara], the 'tomahawk people,' those who lived in the forests; a third group, the Bemerigal or mountain people at Cooma belonged to the Ngarigo with whom the inland Thaua had some associations.

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Bittangabee Bay, known as 'Pertangerbee' by the Thaua people

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