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Thayer & Eldridge (c.1860–1861) was a publishing firm in Boston, Massachusetts, established by William Wilde Thayer and Charles W. Eldridge.[1][2] During its brief existence the firm issued works by James Redpath, Charles Sumner, and Walt Whitman, before going bankrupt in 1861.[3]

Whitman's Leaves of Grass, 1860 (New York Public Library)

Published by the firm[edit]

Advertisement for Thayer & Eldridge's "National Library," 1860
  • Rufus B. Sage. Rocky Mountain Life: Or, Startling Scenes and Perilous Adventures in the Far West, during an Expedition of Three Years. 1859. Google books
  • Walt Whitman. Leaves of Grass, 3rd ed. 1860
  • James Redpath. The public life of Capt. John Brown. 1860.[4] Google books
  • James Redpath, ed. Echoes of Harper's Ferry. 1860. Google books
  • Charles Sumner. The Barbarism of Slavery: Speech of Mr. Charles Sumner on the bill for the admission of Kansas as a free state, in the United States Senate, June 4, 1860. Google books
  • William T. Adams. Marrying a beggar: or The Angel in disguise, and other tales. 1860. Google books
  • C.W. Dana. The Great West, Or The Garden of the World: Its History, Its Wealth, Its Natural Advantages, and Its Future. 1861. Google books

Contracted but not published because of bankruptcy[edit]


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Further reading[edit]

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