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Thayet is located in Myanmar
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 19°19′30″N 95°10′59″E / 19.32500°N 95.18306°E / 19.32500; 95.18306Coordinates: 19°19′30″N 95°10′59″E / 19.32500°N 95.18306°E / 19.32500; 95.18306
Country Myanmar
Region Magway Region
DistrictThayet District
TownshipThayet Township
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC+6.30 (MST)

Thayet (Burmese: သရက်; MLCTS: sarak; pronounced [θəjɛʔ]) is a capital city in Thayet District of Magway Region in central Myanmar. It is a port on the right (western) bank of the Irrawaddy River, across and just south of Allanmyo,[1] between Pyay (Prome) and Magway. Thayet is the administrative seat of both Thayet District and Thayet Township. As of 2010, the population was estimated at 108,000.[2]

In the 1960s limestone quarries a few miles south of Thayet were developed to supply the town's cement factory.


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