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The9 Ltd.
Public company (NASDAQNCTY)
Industry Internet Gaming
Founded 1999
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Area served
Key people
Zhu Jun, Chairman/CEO
Products Online game operation
Revenue IncreaseUS$10.16 million (2014)
DecreaseUS-$17.03 million (2014<>)
Number of employees

The9 Limited (Chinese: 第九城市) corporation is a Shanghai-based online game operator which had the exclusive license to operate and distribute World of Warcraft in China (launched in June 2005, it has since become the largest online game), a licence it secured after successfully aiding Webzen Games with the distribution of Mu Online in China. However, in April 2009, Blizzard said that the licence has been moved to[1]

The company was established by Zhu Jun, who retains ownership and control. Zhu is well known for his majority ownership of Shanghai Shenhua football club.

The company name is derived from a belief that MMORPGs, and Internet culture in general, is the "ninth art" (the other eight being the traditional ones of painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, dance, drama and film).

Current game licences acquired[edit]

Note: In rough order of release.


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