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TheBus Maryland logo.png
TheBus Gilligs Advantage 35 ft.jpg
Route 22:
Service area Prince George's County, Maryland, U.S.
Service type Bus service
Routes 22
Fuel type Diesel
Operator Transdev
Website TheBus

TheBus (stylized as THEBUS) is a bus transportation system serving Prince George's County, Maryland, providing weekday-only service. There are 29 bus routes, with most operating between Washington Metro stations in the county, with two routes running to Upper Marlboro. The fare is $1.25, but seniors (age 60+), the disabled, one child under 5 years old, and students (between 2:00PM and 7:00PM) ride free.[1][2] On October 13, 2008, TheBus began accepting payment using SmarTrip regional farecards.[3]


As of October 2012, the fleet consists of the following:

  • Gillig Phantom 35' (2006)
  • Gillig Low Floor (Advantage) 35' (2008–2012)
  • Gillig Low Floor (Advantage) 29' (2012)


A Gillig Phantom bus parked at New Carrollton Station in March 2010.
2012 Gilligs Advantage
Route 18: Langley Park
A new version of The Bus Route 21X:Prince George's Community College
  • 11- Greenbelt Station to Mandan Rd.
  • 12- West Hyattsville Station to Mt Rainier/Chillum.
  • 13- West Hyattsville Station to 42nd Ave.
  • 14- Prince George's Plaza Station to College Park Station.
  • 15X Express- Greenbelt Station to New Carrollton Station
  • 16- New Carrollton Station to Hanover Pkwy.
  • 17- Mt Rainier to Ikea Way (route 1 bus).
  • 18- Langley Park to Addison Rd
  • 20- Addison Rd. Station to County Administration Building
  • 21- New Carrollton Stations to Equestrian Center
  • 21X Express- New Carrollton Station to Prince George's Community College
  • 22 Morgan Blvd Station to Chastfield Way
  • 23 Addison Rd. Station to Cheverly Station
  • 24 Capitol Heights Station to Morgan Blvd. Station
  • 25 Capitol Heights Station to Highview Place
  • 26 Largo Town Centre to Prince George's Community College
  • 27 Landover Station to Hubbard Rd
  • 28 Basil Court to Largo Town Centre Station
  • 30 Branch Ave Station to Clinton Park & Ride
  • 32 Clinton Park & Ride to Naylor Road Station
  • 33 Padgett's Corner Center to Southern Ave Station
  • 34 Suitland Station to Capital Crossing
  • 35 Southern Ave Metro Station to National Harbor
  • 35S Oxon Hill to National Harbor/Fort Washington Manor
  • 36 Clinton Fringe Parking Lot to Pinefield Shopping Center
  • 37 Southern Ave Station to Camp Springs
  • 51 Upper Marlboro to Chrysler Building
  • 52 Equestrian Center to Courthouse Shuttle
  • 53 Upper Marlboro to John Rodger Blvd.


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