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This article is about web media delivery software company. For album by Dilated Peoples, see The Platform. For other uses, see Platform (disambiguation).
Type of business Subsidiary
Founded Seattle, Washington, USA
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, USA
Owner Comcast
Key people Ian Blaine (CEO)
Industry Video on demand services
Employees 190

thePlatform is a Seattle, WA-based online video publishing company, which was acquired by Comcast in 2006.[1] Founded in 2000 by Rahul Sonnad, Ian Blaine, Alan Ramaley and Andrew Olson, along with others from Adobe & Microsoft. The company works with digital media companies to manage and publish video and audio.


thePlatform's mpx is a video management system, providing publishing tools targeting PCs, mobile phones, and TVs. mpx Essentials is a service marketed towards businesses with smaller video libraries. The mpx Dev Kit provides tools for enhancing video management systems and offers a video player design canvas.


thePlatform was founded in 2000 by Ian Blaine, Andrew Olson, Alan Ramaley, and Rahul Sonnad. Previously, in 1998, Blaine founded an online personal information management company, Uniplanet, which was acquired by NBCi in 1999.

Purchase by Comcast[edit]

In June 2006, Comcast purchased the Seattle-based software company thePlatform. This represented Comcast's entry into a new line of business, selling software to allow companies to manage their Internet (and IP-based) media publishing efforts.

Internet TV partnerships[edit]

Customers of thePlatform include Verizon Wireless, BBC Worldwide,[2] PBS,[3] CNBC, CBS Sports, AP, NBC Local, and HiT Entertainment.

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