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Type of businessSubsidiary
FoundedSeattle, Washington, USA
Seattle, Washington
Key peopleIan Blaine (CEO)
IndustryVideo on demand services

thePlatform was a Seattle, Washington based online video publishing company that was acquired by Comcast in 2006.[1] The company worked with digital media companies to manage and publish video and audio. It was absorbed into the newly formed Comcast Technology Solutions division in October 2016.[2]


thePlatform's mpx is a video management system, providing publishing tools targeting PCs, mobile phones, and TVs. mpx Essentials is a service marketed towards businesses with smaller video libraries.[3][4] The mpx Dev Kit provides tools for enhancing video management systems and offers a video player design canvas.


thePlatform was founded in 2000 by Ian Blaine, Andrew Olson, Alan Ramaley, Andy Sodt, Rahul Sonnad, and Brad Chodos-Irvine. Previously, in 1998, Blaine and Sodt founded an online personal information management company, Uniplanet, which was acquired by NBCi in 1999.

Purchase by Comcast[edit]

In June 2006, Comcast purchased the Seattle-based software company thePlatform. This represented Comcast's entry into a new line of business, selling software to allow companies to manage their Internet (and IP-based) media publishing efforts. In 2014, co-founder Ian Blaine was replaced as CEO by Marty Roberts and Jamie Miller were appointed as co-CEOs.[5][6] After operating as essentially a standalone unit for almost a decade, thePlatform came under the direction of Comcast Wholesale in 2015.[7] In 2016, it was absorbed into Comcast Technology Solutions.

Internet TV partnerships[edit]

Customers of thePlatform include Verizon Wireless, BBC Worldwide,[8] CNBC, MSNBC, CBS Sports, AP, NBC Local, and HiT Entertainment.

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