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Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres Alternative rock,[1] pop rock[2]
Years active 1998–present
Labels Geffen, Metropolis, Nitro
Associated acts Bad Religion, Human Waste Project,[2][3] Snot,[2][3] Hero[3][2]
Members Aimee Echo
Jamie Miller
Lance Webber
Chelsea Davis
Past members Scott Ellis
Mike Smith
Jeff Jaeger
Billy Brimblecom, Jr.
Erick Sanger
Frank Zummo

theStart (stylized as theSTART[4]) is an American alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. Their current lineup includes Aimee Echo, Jamie Miller, Lance Webber and Chelsea Davis.[4]


Aimee Echo and Jamie Miller formed the band in 1998, which was originally named Hero but was changed to theStart due to "Hero" already being used by another band.[3] Their starting lineup included bassist Jeff Jaeger, drummer Scott Ellis (formerly of Mellowdrone and She Wants Revenge), and guitarist Mike Smith.[1][2] Their debut album, Shakedown!, was released in 2001 on Geffen Records.[1][2][3][4]

Following a period of touring, they discovered that their record label was closing. The band decided to self-funded their next EP, releasing The 1234 in April 2002[1][2][3] and selling it at their shows.[3] Shortly thereafter, they announced the departure of Scott Ellis.[2] While spending the summer touring with Scarling., they found a distributor in Small Stone Records for a self-titled EP.[2]

Jaeger left the group some time after Ellis did. Over the next year, the group found replacements for their departed group mates. bringing in Erick Sanger and Billy Brimblecon, Jr.[1][2] With their new lineup, the group was signed to Nitro Records in October 2003,[2] which re-released their self-titled EP as Death via Satellite.[3][1][4] Over the next year they recorded a new album, and Initiation was released on August 24, 2004.[2][4]

Brimblecon left the group shortly after the release of Initiation.[2] The group had a number of interim drummers,[1] including Frank Zummo,[2] before Chelsea Davis was selected as a permanent replacement.[1] Later, in 2006, Sanger was let go from the group, replaced by Lance Webber.[1]

The group changed labels in 2007, moving from Nitro to their current label, Metropolis Records.[3][1] Later that year, they released Ciao, Baby.[3][1]

Band members[edit]



  • Scott Ellis — drums
  • Mike Smith — guitar
  • Jeff Jaeger — bass
  • Billy Brimblecom, Jr. — drums
  • Erick Sanger — bass
  • Frank Zummo — drums



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