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TheWolfWeb, also known as TWW or T-dub, is an unofficial message board for North Carolina State University (NCSU), created by Jacob Morgan (CrazyJ). TWW was the prototype for the "party in college" message boards, which provide an online community for a number of universities across the country. It was also a source of the codebase for TheCollegeWeb but is not part of that network despite the similarity of all of those sites to TWW.

It serves as a source of local (Raleigh, NC) news, as frequently posting members of the message board will provide both eyewitness accounts and frequent updates on events in the area, ranging from vehicle accidents to on-campus crime and suicide events. It has also been significant in transmitting many Internet memes through the NCSU student body.(notably the terms pwnt, bwn, and FDT). On June 16th 2016, the site went down suddenly and was down for approximately eight hours. When it returned, ownership announced that the site was underwater and could possibly be shut down in a matter of days.

However, the users are rallying to help the site out, and the ownership has stated that the site will be "for the foreseeable future".

TWW does not yet have a mobile app or mobile interface.

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