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The "E" Ticket

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Tony Baxter and Jack Janzen in 2009 at a National Fantasy Fan Club (NFFC) event

The "E" Ticket was a fanzine devoted to the history of Disneyland and its attractions, especially the park as it existed during the lifetime of Walt Disney, publishing forty six issues between 1986 and 2009. It was edited and published by Disneyland fans Leon Janzen and Jack Janzen until Leon's sudden death on September 9, 2003. The last issue published by the brothers was the Fall 2003 Issue, #40, on Adventure Thru Inner Space. Jack continued the magazine without his brother, beginning with #41 in October 2004. In the final issue, #46 (Summer 2009), Jack noted that making the magazine "Hasn't been much fun without Leon",[1] and he decided to end the magazine's run.

Disney and animation historian Michael Barrier has cited it as "An extremely valuable record, one that can no longer be duplicated, given the deaths of most of the interview subjects."[2]

The magazine (including all remaining back stock) was sold in 2009 to the Walt Disney Family Foundation to augment the historic resources of The Walt Disney Family Museum it established that year.[3] Back issues of "E" Ticket are sold at the museum's bookstore.[1]

The magazine was named after the E tickets that, before the move to flat-rate entry tickets, denoted the top rides in the park.


The following is a list of the issues of the magazine and the attraction, land, or other cover story featured:

Also produced were three CD-ROM collections of back issues in digital format:

  • CD 1: Contains issues 1–8, along with the 1988 Annual and 1991 Annual issues.
  • CD 2: Contains issues 9–16.
  • CD 3: Contains issues 17–24.


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