The 100th Love with You

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The 100th Love with You
The 100th Love with You poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
HepburnKimi to 100 Kaime no Koi
Directed bySho Tsukikawa
Written bySatomi Oshima
Kentaro Sakaguchi
Music byGoro Ito
Distributed byAsmik Ace
Release date
  • February 4, 2017 (2017-02-04) (Japan)
  • May 5, 2017 (2017-05-05) (Taiwan)
  • May 18, 2017 (2017-05-18) (Thailand)[1]
  • May 25, 2017 (2017-05-25) (South Korea)[2]
  • July 6, 2017 (2017-07-06) (China)[3]
Running time
116 minutes

The 100th Love with You (Japanese: 君と100回目の恋, Hepburn: Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi) is a Japanese romantic-fantasy film starring Miwa and Kentaro Sakaguchi, with original screenplay by Satomi Oshima and direction by Sho Tsukikawa.[4] It premiered in Japan on February 4, 2017, and was also released in other territories including China and South Korea.

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The 100th Love with You Trailer


On July 31, university student Aoi Hinata (Miwa) had a traffic accident. When she wakes up, Aoi Hinata finds herself in a classroom a week before. Her childhood friend Riku Hasegawa (Kentaro Sakaguchi) then tells her that he can turn back time.




  • Ryo Ryusei as Naoya Matsuda
  • Erina Mano as Rina Sagara
  • Yuki Izumisawa as Tetta Nakamuraager
  • Rina Ohta as Kaoru Obara, a graduate student of physics
  • Keiko Horiuchi as Keiko Hinata, Aoi's mother
  • Goro Oishsi as a professor
  • Seiichi Tanabe as Shuntaro Hasegawa, Riku's uncle and foster parent.

Original soundtrack[edit]

The film's soundtrack was on Oricon Albums Chart for six weeks and peaked at #25.[5]

The 100th Love with You (君と100回目の恋, Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi)
Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
ReleasedJanuary 25, 2017
GenreSoundtrack, Ballad, Pop
LabelSony Music Japan
ProducerNaoki Yoshitake

Selected tracks[edit]

  • "The 100th Love with You" (君と100回目の恋, "Kimi to Hyakkaime no Koi") by Miwa
  • "Aiokuri" (アイオクリ) by The STROBOSCORP
  • "Simple Feelings" (単純な感情, "Tanjun na Kanjo") by The STROBOSCORP
  • "Birthday Morning" by Andōzu
  • "BGM" by Androp
  • "27" by Super Beaver

Home media[edit]

The film's Blu-ray (Limited Edition) BD+BD (SRXW-2/3), Blu-ray (SRXW-4), DVD (Limited Edition) DVD + DVD (SRBW-41/42), DVD (SRBW-43) was released on June 23, 2017 by Asmik Ace


Box office[edit]

The film premiered in 190 screens, and opened at #5 in the box office with 73,352 admissions.[6]


It ranked #1 in PIA Corporation's audience satisfaction survey.[7]



A three-volume manga adaptation (ISBN 978-4-08-890577-8, ISBN 978-4-08-890578-5, ISBN 978-4-08-890596-9) by Yoshiduki Kumichi "Kimi was released on Young Jump Comics, Shueisha


Two novelizations, by Orange Bunko (ISBN 978-4-08-680114-0)[8] and Mirai Bunko (ISBN 978-4-08-680114-0)[9] were released


In July 2017, Linekong Pictures Corporation acquired the rights of the film for a Chinese-language adaptation.[10]


Written by Satomi Oshima the one-volume Kimi to Ikkaime no Koi (君と1回目の恋, The 1st Love with You), ISBN 978-4-08-745564-9, was released as spin-off of the film


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