The 14

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The 14
The 14 FilmPoster.jpeg
Film poster
Directed by David Hemmings
Produced by Frank Avianca
Robert Mintz
Written by Roland Starke
Starring Jack Wild
Music by Kenny Clayton
Cinematography Ousama Rawi
Edited by John Shirley
Release date
  • 19 December 1973 (1973-12-19)
Running time
105 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The 14 is a 1973 British drama film directed by David Hemmings. It was also released as Existence and, in the USA, as The Wild Little Bunch. It was entered into the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Silver Bear.[1] Its plot concerns the fate of fourteen children in the East End of London who are orphaned after the death of their single mother.[2][3]



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