The 2.0 Adoption Council

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The 2.0 Adoption Council
MottoEngage. Evangelize. Empower.
FormationJune 2009
HeadquartersVirtual Space
Region served
Corporate enterprise collaboration leaders
Susan Scrupski
Parent organization
Dachis Group

The 2.0 Adoption Council is a free-to-join peer group of corporate leaders focused on the adoption and utilization of Enterprise 2.0 collaboration tools. The organization's stated objective is "to gain practical insights on innovative business practices using 2.0 tools, processes and strategies for cost efficiencies in tough economic times, as well as leveraging agility for competitive advantage".[1] The group was founded in 2009 by industry analyst Susan Scrupski.[2] The Council began as an independent entity and was acquired in 2010 by the Enterprise 2.0 consultancy Dachis Group.

Industry Impact[edit]

The Council produces original research in the form of white papers and regular surveys of its members. This research is used by industry analysts to identify and interpret technology trends.[3][4][5] Some influential Council members have taken professional positions at enterprise collaboration vendors (ex: Yammer, Moxie), which necessitated their departure from the Council due to its ongoing "no vendors allowed" policy.[6][7]

The Council is unique in its position as a no-fee peer group focused on Enterprise 2.0. In recent years, council members have been heavily involved in the Enterprise 2.0 Conference series, leading workshops and panel discussions on enterprise collaboration and other topics of interest to practitioners.[8][9] The Council has publicly presented an Internal Evangelist of the Year award yearly to a member nominated by his or her coworkers.[10][11]

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