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The 2010 Imperative is an initiative issued by Architecture 2030 that requires ecological literacy, largely missing from the curriculum in the United States, to become a key element of design education by 2010, in order to combat global warming and world resource depletion.

The initiative[edit]

The 2010 Imperative calls for the following:

  • Beginning in 2007, educators should add to all design studio problems the following requirement:

"Solutions to design problems must engage the environment in a way that dramatically reduces or eliminates the need for fossil fuel."

  • By 2010, all academic design curricula shall achieve complete ecological literacy in design education, including the following areas of study:

design / studio
history / theory
materials / technology
structures / construction
professional practice / ethics

This may be accomplished by implementing innovative sustainable design strategies, generating on-site renewable power and/or purchasing a maximum of 20% renewable energy and/or certified renewable energy credits (RECs, Green tags).

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