The 5th Horseman

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The 5th Horseman
The 5th Horseman Book Cover.jpg
First edition cover
AuthorJames Patterson and Maxine Paetro
CountryUnited States
SeriesWomen's Murder Club
GenreThriller, Mystery novel
Published2006 (Little, Brown)
Media typePrint (hardcover)
Pages410 pp (first edition, hardback)
813/.54 22
LC ClassPS3566.A822 A6154 2006
Preceded by4th of July 
Followed byThe 6th Target 

The 5th Horseman is the fifth book in the Women's Murder Club series featuring Lindsay Boxer by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro first published on February 2006. The novel like many in the series was commercially successful and repeatedly appeared in Publishers Weekly bestseller lists, and high in the 2006 list at the end of that year.[1]


Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer is the main character in The 5th Horseman by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. This book is the fifth in a series written on the Women's Murder Club. Lindsay is in her mid-thirties, slender with blonde hair. She works in homicide at the San Francisco Police Department. Lindsay is also a founding member of the Women's Murder Club along with ME Claire Washburn, reporter Cindy Thomas and attorney Yuki Castellano. Lindsay is involved in a long distance relationship with Joe Molinari, Deputy Director of Homeland Security. Lindsay lives with a rescued border collie named Martha. Lindsay's best friend is Claire, to whom she refers as "Butterfly." Having been recently promoted to Lieutenant, Lindsay is often confused and unhappy with her role as supervisor. She prefers to be on the streets. Lindsay often works the streets with her former partner Warren Jacobi and his partner, Rich Conklin. Lindsay is a tireless worker who takes her work to heart and will keep on going to the point of collapse.

The story begins with a mysterious character named the Night Walker who kills a Hospital patient, Jessie Falk. Two plots are intertwined; the first is about a serial killer murdering young girls and posing them into luxury cars; Lindsay Boxer and her team call them *Car Girls*. The second deals with the murders that take place at San Francisco Municipal Hospital. Patient whose diagnoses are not putting their lives in danger die continuously; and 2 buttons are placed on their eyes, once dead. One of those victims is Keiko Castellano, Yuki's mother. Yuki enlists the aid of her friends to find out the real reason her mother has died.

Lindsay is called to the scene of the murders involving young women who have been murdered and then posed in expensive cars seemingly chosen at random. Each woman has been dressed in very expensive clothing from Nordstrom's. The case is puzzling until it is learned that the clothes are the link - one of the killers is an employee at Nordstrom's and has stolen the clothes to dress his dead models. Lindsay captures the killers, who are a Kenneth Guthrie and Louise Bennet (a prostitute called Cherrie), and watches helplessly as Louise jumps out of a window.

Tied into the strange murders at Municipal Hospital is a court case against Municipal which involves a malpractice suit filed on behalf of twenty plaintiffs whose family members died at the hospital due to medication errors or perhaps outright murders. The ER doctor, Dennis Garza, working in conjunction with the prosecutor, flubs his testimony so that the hospital loses. The doctor and the prosecutor - Maureen O'Mara, who are lovers, will split the $18 million reward she will receive for the victory. However, the getaway plan is foiled when an outraged father of a dead patient confronts Garza. Garza kills the man and then attempts to get away, only to be stopped by Lindsay. The Night Walker - the murderer of Keiko and other patients - is uncovered to be a crazy nurse, Marie Saint-Germaine and is caught after her last attempt to murder another patient, who was an undercover agent posing as a patient.

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