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The Seventh Dimension is the BBC's regular radio slot for science fiction, fantasy and horror. It is broadcast on the digital radio station BBC Radio 4 Extra at 6 p.m. (GMT in winter, BST in summer) on Saturdays and Sundays, and then repeated each day at midnight with host Nicholas Briggs. Most of the programs are full cast dramatizations and the remainder are book readings. The Seventh Dimension has hosted both standalone stories and serials. Most of the programs are drawn from the BBC's extensive archives and have previously been aired on other BBC stations. A few Seventh Dimension shows are new commissions, such as Undone, The Spaceship and Planet B. It also sometimes uses Big Finish Productions of Doctor Who.

Originally aired on BBC 7, it retained the 7 in the name when BBC 7 became BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Previously broadcast seven days a week, in May 2014 this was reduced to Saturday and Sunday only, the reason given being "the number of archive programmes available is limited".[1]

As of October 2015, there is no sign of this show on the schedule anywhere.


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