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The 8-Bit Guy
Personal information
BornDavid Murray
(1975-06-25) June 25, 1975 (age 43)
ResidenceForth Worth, Texas
YouTube information
GenreRetro technology
(May 21, 2019)
Total views128,000,000+
(May 21, 2019)
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers

David Murray is an American YouTuber and video game developer. Prior to YouTube, Murray was employed at AST Research until 1997, when bought by Samsung.[1]

Early life[edit]

Murray grew up in Texas. As a child, he got his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20. He graduated from Mansfield High School in 1993.

Later work[edit]

AST and Samsung[edit]

Murray was employed at AST Research and worked in technical support. [2] He later became employed to Samsung in 1997 due to AST Research being bought by Samsung.[3]

YouTube career[edit]

Murray discovered YouTube in 2006, originally selling refurbished Apple iBook computers as side business to his full-time job in system administration and information technology. David's first major video was How Old School Graphics Work[4], which was a viral hit on Reddit and other social sites. He had also developed 3 fully-fledged video games in the same series, the most recent 2, Planet X2 & X3, were officially released digitally and physically.

Personal life[edit]

David is married and has one child, a daughter. One of his cousins was Dimebag Darrell, the now-deceased guitarist of Pantera.[5] David has one brother Mike, who is also a YouTuber[6] and founder of technology and maker site The Geek Pub[7].


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