The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure

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The New 8 Week Cholesterol Cure
Author Robert Kowalski
Published HarperTorch,2006
Pages 448
ISBN 0060564601

The New 8-Week Cholesterol Cure by Robert Kowalski is a personal recollection of the author's own diet story dealing with cholesterol issues.

About the book[edit]

Kowalski -- using experiences from his own battle with cholesterol -- in this book helps readers gain the following information and apply it to their cholesterol issues: cholesterol Lp(a) and homocysteine, what foods to eat to give a boost to reducing cholesterol immediately, understanding the goodness of B vitamins (particularly Niacin) for aiding in cholesterol issues, exercise, new methods for testing cholesterol, heart-healthy products, etc.

Without having to take drugs, by engaging in a good heart-healthy diet and maintaining a strong exercise regime, one can use this book to help battle against long-ingrained cholesterol issues.

Why the book was written[edit]

Kowalski wrote this book because of his own experiences. He was just 41 when he had a heart attack. Prior to that, he had already had two coronary bypass surgeries. Given that a mere diet change didn't help, he developed a program that was extremely effective for him. Thus he wrote the book to help others with the same challenges.

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