The AccoLade

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The AccoLade
Origin Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Genres Alternative rock
Years active October 2008 - present
Website [1]
Members Dina, Lamia, Dareen, Amjaad

The AccoLade is the first all-female alternative rock band from Saudi Arabia.[1][2] The band consists of four college students of King Abdulaziz University. The band’s name comes from Edmund Leighton's painting The Accolade of a princess knighting a warrior.[1]

The band's first single, Pinocchio, has become an underground hit with quarter of a million downloads from the group's page on MySpace.[1]


American pop culture magazine, Venus Zine, featured The AccoLade in its “25 under 25” list for 2009 for bringing “progressiveness and greater promise” to Saudi Arabia.[2]