The Action Figure

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The Action Figure
Verbs the action figure.jpg
Studio album by Knowdaverbs
Released August 15, 2000
Genre Christian hip hop
Label Gotee Records
Producer Toby Mckeehan & Joey Elwood
Knowdaverbs chronology
The Syllabus
(1999)The Syllabus1999
The Action Figure
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CCM Magazine [1]

The Action Figure is the second album by Christian rapper Knowdaverbs, released in 2000.

Track listing[edit]

  1. God Is Big
  2. Phullon Empty
  3. Just The Facts Ma'am (feat. GRITS & Jason Eskridge)
  4. Action Figure
  5. Plane Scared
  6. How Excellent (feat. Andrea Kimmey-Baca of Out of Eden)
  7. If I were Mayor
  8. Re-enter the System (feat. The Advocates)
  9. Jericho Sounds (feat. Factors of the Seven)
  10. Me & My Mic, Stu And His Fish (feat. Ranya Stewart)
  11. What Do You Think Of That?
  12. Zombies feat. (4th Avenue Jones)
  13. Til' Morning feat. (The Katinas)
  14. Figurative Language feat. (DJ Maj & DJ Form)


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