The Adulteress (1973 film)

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The Adulteress
Cover of The Adulteress (film).jpg
Directed by Norbert Meisel
Produced by Mihaly T. Lenart
Norbert Meisel
Written by Norbert Meise
Gregory Morton
Starring Eric Braeden
Tyne Daly
Gregory Morton
Margaret Cook
Music by Ted Shreffler
Cinematography Mihaly T. Lenart
Edited by Mihaly T. Lenart
Release date
1973 (USA)
Running time
85 minutes
Language English

The Adulteress is a 1973 film directed by Norbert Meisel, starring Eric Braeden and Tyne Daly.[1]


A couple cannot conceive a child and they hire a young drifter to solve their problem.


Actor Role
Eric Braeden Hank Baron
Tyne Daly Inez Steiner
Gregory Morton Carl Steiner
Margaret Cook Jessica
Lynn Roth Vikki
Malek Paul Wazzan Boy


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